What Makes Us

As the name “Morpheus” suggests, if you can dream it we can do it. Automate and protect your business with solutions that enables your organization even in times when human intervention is not possible, such as in the current global pandemic Covid 19 which has caused serious disruption to global economies. It has become evident over a very short space of time how important automated services are to ensure business continuity within the scope of Information security and Testing. That’s why Morpheus has gone the extra mile to assist organizations to secure infrastructures with the introduction of automated services. This makes outsourcing of QA and testing both accessible and affordable. With various tools in use from Morpheus, we secure from the very endpoint of a user to the application level of infrastructure. And if there is any service you are dreaming of you don’t see on the platform of Morpheus, please let us know. We are confident that we can meet your every need.

Solutions designed to optimize your regulatory compliance needs

Automate your IT governance platforms and protect your organizations from data loss and compromises that may occur. Our solutions are designed to simplify, manage digital risk, optimize regulatory compliance across the enterprise security platform and strive to ensure your business continuity.

Our Partners

Morpheus Enterprise implements and supports effective security solutions to reduce risk

We’re Here To Help

If you already have a plan of what you want to achieve, or need help deciding what security initiatives to prioritise, we’d love to chat.