Acunetix believes that to maintain the best level of security in a larger organization, web vulnerability scanning should be treated as part of the development and operational processes. Acunetix Premium uses the Acunetix scanning engine and introduces functions that let you fully integrate it within your SDLC.

  • To integrate Acunetix for example with Jira or Jenkins, you need only a couple of minutes. You can also integrate Acunetix with other environments, including GitHubGitLabTFSBugzilla, and Mantis.
  • Performance is important, so the Acunetix engine is developed in C++, which makes it very fast. It is also optimized to discover vulnerabilities using as few requests as possible, to eliminate bottlenecks associated with network and server load. You can also deploy multiple on-premises engines to further increase performance. High performance also goes in line with a very low number of false positives.
  • Acunetix Premium is available for WindowsLinuxmacOS, and also provided as an online (cloud) solution so you can choose whichever one best fits your environment and technical capacities. Note that it is the only business-class web vulnerability scanner available on Linux and macOS.

Acunetix Premium is recommended for organizations that seek to benefit from automation and integration in their security processes. For such organizations, Acunetix Standard will not be enough. Here are some other functionalities that Acunetix Premium introduces in addition to what is available in Acunetix Standard.

  • Acunetix Premium is a multi-user solution with both horizontal and vertical access rights management. You can control access per target and per function using admin, tester, and auditor access levels.
  • With Acunetix Premium, you can generate executive reports, developer reports, as well as specialized compliance reports (HIPAAPCI-DSSISO/IEC 27001, and more).
  • Acunetix Premium is integrated with the OpenVAS network vulnerability scanner, introducing the capability to detect more than 50 thousand network issues. Web and network vulnerabilities can be managed using the same dashboard as well as external issue trackers.

To fully benefit from Acunetix Premium, use it as part of your SDLC and also continuously verify the security of your key production assets. Acunetix Premium has features that let you do it efficiently even for a large number of websites and web applications.

  • You can create asset groups as well as prioritize individual assets or groups according to business criticality. This way, you can apply different scanning policies depending on the level of protection that particular targets require.
  • Use the Acunetix Premium continuous scanning feature to protect your assets without affecting performance. You can, for example, perform full scans weekly and less intensive high-priority vulnerability scans every day.
  • Automatically scan every build initiated by your CI/CD platform so that vulnerabilities are discovered as early as possible. This way, your software engineers can fix them much quicker and there is no risk of web vulnerabilities making their way to production systems. You can even easily convert Selenium scripts to scan protected content.