The accuracy, precision, and speed of Acunetix make it one of the most cost-effective solutions to secure your websites and network. Open-source solutions are only cheaper in the short run since they detect less and consume much more resources to run. Thanks to Acunetix, your IT resources can focus on other tasks instead of manually having to search for common web vulnerabilities.

Tailored Acunetix reports may help you in meeting regulatory requirements, getting better financing, and gaining a complete view of your web security. Your IT teams know immediately which issues to focus on first and how to remediate problems in the most efficient way possible.

By integrating Acunetix with a CI solution you can automatically make sure that programmer errors don’t expose your websites and web applications to abuse. The earlier a vulnerability is found, the less time and effort is required to fix it. With Acunetix integrations, you can make sure that your IT teams don’t waste any time on unnecessary manual work.