Acunetix can empower you to gain a holistic view of your web assets by employing advanced crawl, discovery, and mapping technologies to detect and thoroughly scan pages and applications. This market-leading security platform uses leading-edge technologies to provide you with capabilities unlike most solutions in its class.

Your reporting processes can be streamlined by using the comprehensive Acunetix reporting engine with templates designed to fulfill the requirements imposed by different roles. No matter whether you require a highly detailed rundown of technical issues or a trend-based summary for executive purposes, Acunetix delivers it for you.

By integrating Acunetix with leading-edge issue tracking and CI/CD systems, your SDLC can be transformed to safeguard your application code at the earliest stages of its development. World-class automation capabilities of Acunetix provide you with the ability to secure the entire lifecycle without the need for manual intervention, thus saving considerable resources.